Self-induced Impositions of Weakness

I saw the devil last night,

Laid stagnant on the ceiling

Black hole leading to conditioned Absolute

Wily wily brute

dapper; sugar coated odds and friends

Dancing down the length of my blues

The devil was in my head last night,

Crept in through my sub-conscience –

Sneaky bastard initiated through my memories,

right down memory goddamned lane

He found his place in my voice of reason

He’s been hiding there

for years

I spoke to the devil last night,

Spouting out illusive philosophy

and restrained do’s and don’ts, he made me

fear the good and admire the wicked

His fangs consumed all the wreckage

but never without offering to me

I let the devil in my bed last night,

He diffused my guilt and clutched my breath tight

His mouth loud and demanding of

my petty, tired frame

Only then did I remember who he was

He was on his way out when

my sputtering’s of hatred grew audible

Afraid to scar the ego, afraid to break the throne

It is a lousy exhaustion; shiny new toys and glorified bumbling

You are a despicable devil,

I’ll do without.


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